Posted by: snowflakeshona | November 7, 2011

Social Media and Conversation

Does social media actually increase conversation?

Considering how often some people not only update their status, but also check it, news gets old fast.  This includes personal news.  Events happening in people’s lives are now instantly updated on their social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.  Previously people would have to wait until the next day to give friends details of an event the previous evening.  This would mean people would spend time discussing it the next day.

However, with social media this is no longer true.  People are updated about their friends lives almost instantaneously.

Imagine you are a teenage girl (for some this will be tricky, but stay with me…).  You update your status one evening with “OMG I can’t believe that happened!”  Within moments friends will be asking you what happened, and you can answer them and tell them all about it.  You might even include pictures or video to illustrate what you are seeing or doing. Friends comment, you answer, you discuss the entire situation online.

So now what happens the next day? Do you have this long talk about what you all did the previous evening?  Not so much. It’s already been discussed (“I saw what you wrote on Facebook last night”) and evaluated so no longer do you to spend time in your day talking  about it.  So now what do we talk about?

This is the question.

Now people have more time to discuss other things. But do they?  Is it possible that because we now have some of our conversations online that we can increase the conversations we have offline?  I would like to see if it is possible to study the effect of social media on verbal communications.  In the mean time, social media has found its way into our vocabulary, where being “DMed” or “Facebooked” is quite normal and seen a just an extension of our communication skills.

Just a thought….


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